Wheel of Life

Faster, faster the wheel turns around –
The happiness faints away.
I am old and sick.
I wonder—
Which day of my life would I like to bring back?

The day when my son was born was the happiest.
For sure the day when I met my wife.
Or maybe the day I was sharply awakened
By the mourning dove?

I remember that day so vividly—
There was a stranger
who asked me to help him
with his broken car.
I grabbed all my tools and we spent a day
And we fixed it
And I felt myself saved.

What else could I now hold on to?
Nothing left from those happy days.
Dull and dreary is my life
The insidious wheel of life
keeps turning – counting.
And I drag myself
from way behind.

The Literary Connection, Volume III, 2016