Wheel of Life

Faster, faster the wheel turns around –
The happiness faints away.
I am old and sick.
I wonder—
Which day of my life would I like to bring back?… Read More

Literary Connection Volume III

The Literary Connection Volume III is an IOWI anthology of poetry and prose by authors living in the Greater Toronto Area and Winnipeg. Compiled and Edited by Cheryl Antao-Xavier. The theme of this anthology is ‘Lest I Forget’. Writers talk about the times, people and places in their past that were ‘defining moments.’… Read More


Mary stood still in full darkness, trying to understand what just happened. All of a sudden, an arch appeared in front of her, covered with garlands of beautiful flowers. It was hard to imagine how they could so flawlessly be arranged on it. Charmed, Mary went closer and the scents filled her lungs, intoxicated her heart.

Carefully, she stepped inside the arch and in that instant found herself in a tunnel, on both sides of which, through a milky-cloudy haze were outlined the contours of closed doors. Mary held off, hesitating—which one of them? Her attention fell on the empty far corner of the wall, and her arm involuntarily stretched forward.

Bedazzling her with unusually bright light, the door burst open. An unexplained feeling of joy and happiness swept over her. Straight to her feet were falling streams of a cascading waterfall, and she instantly wanted to plunge herself into it. Scooping a handful of water, Mary splashed it onto her face, again and again.… Read More