Wheel of Life

Faster, faster the wheel turns around –
The happiness faints away.
I am old and sick.
I wonder—
Which day of my life would I like to bring back?… Read More

The Golden Tree

I march on the road to sorrow
Every step revives old memories
No matter how hard I try to stay them
I march on
And nothing can stop me
from slipping back.Read More

Our First Love

All surrounded by eternal beauty,
Being captured by the wind of love,
It is resting on a weightless cloud,
In between sparkly-silver doves.… Read More


“Why are you here?” asked the pilgrim.
“What are you doing here so far away?”
I was looking at him and he seemed very familiar…
But where have I seen this tarnished
look? I couldn’t
remember. I kept silent.… Read More

Look inside You

Look deep inside you,
What do you see?
The wind blowing alongside the sea?
The mountains going up to the skies?
The rivers running from side to side?… Read More